its all about K.O.R.E.A !!!!!

.. Hallyu wave! wohoo! now that the japan hype has quieted down...,the new addiction is the k-pop wave! ^^

sleek dance move, fun upbeat music, stylish clothes, pretty boys n girls -->whts not to like <33 ^^

aah~wanna go there..must be nice with change of weather, lots of pretty clothes, beautiful view n all types of food...aaaa~  ^o^

found a website about a contest to go try?hihi..

SEOUL SUMMER SALE 2011 -special event-

Eco We3k~~!! ^^

^ ^Finally got times to checkout the k8 performance in eco w. oh my God! its awesome..their voices r perfect, no disarray whatsoever, n they all play instruments~~! (finally got to see hina play keyboard)^^ i couldnt b happier~!!! * ^_______^ **  i watch the perf almost teary-eyes..its so perfect..!! im so proud of them~~~  (^-^, )  ^^ ^^ <3333 eito~~^^
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im totally in love with everythng k8..wht more can i say~~ ^^D
wether their's cracks, energetic songs, fun vids, their infinite smiles n laughter, optimistic, n their hard work~i love it all~!
my daily fun,muaxz ~♥

Everydayz is a bright shiny day~ =>

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